Horticulture Major (M)

he Horticulture Major consists of course work completed through a cooperative program with Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC). MATC-Mequon Campus is just a 5-minute drive from Concordia and offers three unique choices to prepare students for an exciting career in horticulture: Design Track, Maintenance Track, or Construction Track. (Current MATC catalog is the official source for Major Courses and their descriptions.) In addition to the CUW Liberal Arts core requirements and required courses listed below, all horticulture majors must complete requirements for a CUW Minor. Required core courses may be taken at either MATC or CUW.  

For specific information about MATC courses and degree requirements, please visit the MATC website at http://www.matc.edu/

Core Requirements 145
Major Requirements46
Minor: Required
Total Hours126

Major Requirements

The Required Courses below are common to all horticulture students.

Required Core Courses (CUW Campus)
BIO 156Environmental Science (Science )4
COMM 105Public Speaking (Communication)3
or COMM 201 Interpersonal Communication
JPP 230Environmental Law (Human Beings and Being Human)3
MATH 205Statistics I (Mathematics )3
Recommended Core Courses
BIO 367Ecology of the Tropics (Culture)3
It is recommended to meet the core lab science requirement with BIO 156, BIO 240, BIO 370, or CHEM 105
Required Courses
PHIL 240Environmental Ethics3
HORT 111Introduction to Horticulture 3
HORT 112Horticulture Soils3
HORT 114Woody Ornamental Plants 3
HORT 116Landscape Equipment3
HORT 113Ornamental Plant Healthcare3
HORT 159Survey of Herbaceous Plants2
HORT 122Landscape Design I 3
HORT 126Landscape Estimating & Bidding3
HORT 118Landscape Business Principles3
HORT 125Landscape Maintenance Applications 3
HORT 132Communications & Marketing2
Select one of the following emphases:12
Recommended Electives: Six Credits Needed
HORT 128
Arboriculture II - Tree Climbing and Pruning
HORT 140
CAD Landscape Design I
HORT 163
Native Plants - Fall
HORT 152
Greenhouse Production - Spring
Total Hours46

Design Emphasis

Required Courses
HORT 119Landscape Construction 13
HORT 123Landscape Design 23
HORT 160Landscape Plants Trees2
HORT 161Landscape Plants Shrubs2
HORT 124Landscape Design III2
Total Hours12

Landscape Construction Emphasis

Required Courses
HORT 119Landscape Construction 13
HORT 117Landscape Equipment 23
HORT 121Irrigation, Lighting, and Ponds3
HORT 120Landscape Construction 23
Total Hours12

Landscape Maintenance & Arboriculture Emphasis

Required Courses
HORT 133Turf Management & Related Equipment3
HORT 160Landscape Plants Trees2
HORT 127Arboriculture 13
HORT 161Landscape Plants Shrubs2
HORT 171Exterior Plant Pests2
Total Hours12