Technical and Professional Communication Major (M)

The overarching goal of the Technical and Professional Communication program is to prepare graduates to take complex information and make it consumable to internal and external audiences who may not have discipline-specific knowledge. Graduates will become more aware of the forms of communication and communication processes in order to successfully convey their messages. Courses in the major will emphasize written, oral, and digital communication skills.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • Develop and present cogent, coherent, and accurate writing for general and specialized audiences.
  • Communicated effectively to audiences by listening actively and responding constructively as Scripture instructs within various contexts.
  • Draw from various disciplines to describe orally and in writing how existing knowledge or practice is advanced, tested, and revised in each core field studied.
  • Distinguish and examine communication-related problems from a Christian perspective to better serve society.
  • Cultivate appropriate organizational skills related to professionalism, work ethics, and attitude.
  • Analyze complex data and be able to combine them into easily-understandable presentations utilizing excellent critical thinking skills.


Core Requirements45
Major Requirements45
TPC Track6-9
Electives - A Minor is required (Min 18 credits)21-24
Total Hours120

Major Requirements 

Required Core Courses
Public Speaking (Counts as Core - Communication and Language)
Graphic Design I (Counts as Core - Creativity and Expression)
Required Major Courses
BCOM 247Business Writing3
BCOM 300Group Dynamics3
COMM 201Interpersonal Communication (Can not be used as University Core Communication Course)3
COMM 205Advanced Public Speaking3
COMM 260Social Media3
COMM 265Journalism3
COMM 280Careers in Communication3
COMM 333Servant Leadership3
COMM 335Technical Writing and Speaking3
COMM 339Film & Video Production3
COMM 399Visual Rhetoric3
COMM 435Critical Thinking and Information Dissemination3
COMM 460Cross-Cultural Communication3
COMM 470Internship3
COMM 490Research Seminar3
Total Hours45
TPC Track (Select one of the following three tracks.)
Health Care Track7
RSC 106Medical Terminology1
PHIL 350Bioethical Dilemmas in Contemporary Society3
MBA 620Economics and Public Policy of Health Care3
Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology (Strongly recommended)
High-tech Literacy Track6
Foundations of Computer Science (Strongly recommended)
CSC 180Systems Integration3
CSC 420User Experience and Interactive Systems3
Corporate/Org Track9
BCOM 380Organizational Communication3
or MGMT 340 Organization Behavior
MKTG 345E-Commerce3
MBA 513Business Foundations for Administrative Professions3