Parish Music Program - LCMS Rosterable (M)

A Parish Music major provides students with an option to serve the Church as church musicians. Graduates may be solemnly called to positions in congregations or recognized service organizations of the church, and may be eligible to be rostered in The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod with the designation “Minister of Religion Commissioned – Director of Parish Music.” Application involves steps in addition to application to the university. Applicants should contact the Music office for application information.

CUW Undergraduate Core Requirements 145
Major Requirements (Includes 9 credits of Electives)59
Additional required courses in order to be listed on LCMS Roster9
Total Hours120

Parish Music Major Requirements

Required Music Courses59
MUS 080Concert/Recital Attendance (each semester 0 crs) 10
MUS 240Music Theory I3
MUS 241Music Theory II3
MUS 242Music Theory III3
MUS 243Music Theory IV3
MUS 250Beginning Conducting3
MUS 271Music History I3
MUS 272Music History II3
MUS 351Advanced Conducting3
MUS 445Composing and Arranging3
MUS 461Music in Worship3
MUS 465Survey of Christian Hymnody3
MUS 491Parish Music Pract/Internship (120 clock hours)3
MUS 499Recital (Service/Concert)2
Applied Music: Organ, Piano and/or Voice (minimum: 4 credits of Organ)14
Select one of the following:3
Organ Literature
Issues in Church Music
Handbell Methods & Mater
Ensemble - choose from the list below (additional to Creative Arts option in Core) 23
Chapel Ringers
The Symphonic Wind Ensemble
Chapel Choir
Alleluia Ringers
Pep Band
Jazz Ensemble
String Ens./Chamber Orch.
University Band
Concordia Civic Chorale
Electives 37
Additional Courses Required to be LCMS Rosterable 49
New Testament
Office Professional Chrch Work
Lutheran Confessions

CUW Core Curriculum                         45 credits
Parish Music Major                             59 credits
Electives                                                  7 credits
LCMS Rosterable requirements          9 credits 

                                                              120 Total Credits