Philosophy Major (M)

Core Requirements 145
Major Requirements37
Minor: Optional
Total Hours120

Major Requirements

Required Core Courses
Old Testament (Bible Content) 1
Biblical Theology (Christian Doctrine) 1
REL XXX Theology elective 1
Philosophy: Theory & Practice 1
Western Thought & Worldview
Required Courses
PHIL 201Central Texts of Philosophy3
PHIL 211Elementary Logic3
PHIL 250Moral Phil:Right & Wrong3
PHIL 325Christian Apologetic I3
REL 203New Testament 23
PHIL 491Senior Seminar 11
PHIL 492Senior Seminar II3
PHIL 400Ancient Philosophy3
PHIL 410Medieval Philosophy3
PHIL 450Modern Philosophy3
Major Electives
Select nine credits of the following: 39
Classical & Modern Rhetoric
Literary Criticism
Faith and Politics
A Survey of Christian Thought
Varieties of Belief
Total Hours37