Political Science Major (M)

The Political Science major consists of 37 credits, including 31 required credits and 6 elective credits, chosen from a list of approved courses. In additional to this course work, all students are required to complete an internship of at least 3 credits at the local, state, or national political level, which students may fulfill through a dynamic Washington, D.C., semester program.  Students must also complete a minor.

Within the required credits, students are expected to complete a three-course sequence (7 credits), starting in the junior year with Experimental Psych Methods (PSY 350), followed by Research Proposal (POLS 490) and Senior Seminar (POLS 491) in their senior year. These courses culminate in a research thesis that demonstrates to potential employers or graduate schools the student’s ability to conduct research and write professionally.

The Political Science major prepares students for graduate and professional study as well as careers in government, law, journalism, non-profit organizations, education, and the military.

Core Requirements 145
Major Requirements37
Minor: Required
Total Hours120

Major Requirements

Required Core Courses
Statistics I (Natural World)
General Psychology (Human Beings Being Human)
Required Courses
POLS 101Intro-Political Science3
POLS 201American Government3
POLS 300Comparative Politics3
POLS 310International Relations3
POLS 359Constitutional Law3
POLS 410Faith and Politics3
POLS 480Internship/Fieldwork3
PSY 350Experimental Psych3
POLS 490Senior Seminar3
POLS 492Research Proposal1
Policy Course
Select one of the following:3
Environmental Law
Amer Poltics & Hlth Care Pol
Major Electives
Select two of the following courses not already counted in the major:6
Amer Poltics & Hlth Care Pol
Special Topics-Poli Sci (up to 6 total)
Environmental Law
Intro to Courts
White Collar Crime
Total Hours37