Pre-Professional Studies (M)

Pre-Medical Curriculum

Medical colleges give preference to students who have completed a four-year degree program. Medical colleges recognize and encourage a broad background in the liberal arts, including a variety of humanities and social science courses. Admission requirements vary among medical colleges; therefore, each student is advised to obtain catalogs from three or more medical colleges and then plan college work at Concordia to meet requirements. The successful completion of the required pre-medical courses does not assure admission to any college of medicine because the number of candidates exceeds the number that can be admitted. Medical colleges base selections on the quality of the student’s college record, the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), recommendations, and the results of a personal interview. It is important that a Concordia student interested in pursuing a pre-medical course of study articulate this early in his/her college experience to the appropriate advisor, so that all requirements can be met.

For additional Pre-Professional Programs (Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-PA, Pre-PT) please see current CUW publications for prerequisites.