Missions Major (M)

Core Requirements 145
Major Requirements30
Minor: Required (minimum 18 credits)
Total Hours126

Major Requirements

Required Core Courses
Old Testament (Bible Content)
Biblical Theology (Christine Doctrine )
The Great Commission (Theology Elective )
Required Courses
COMM 460Cross-Cultural Communication3
REL 203New Testament3
REL 316World Missions I3
REL 326World Missions II3
REL 215Friendship Evangelism3
REL 410World Religions3
Select two of the following Cross-cultural Missions electives: 6
Faith and Culture
Church in Mission
The Practice of Missions
Major Electives
Select two of the following courses in anthropology, history, geography, or language that deal with an area of the world currently served by LCMS missionaries: 16
Cultural Anthropology
Beginning Chinese I
Basic Linguistics
Cultural Geography
Non-Western World:A History
History & Culture of Latin America
Modern Africa
History of Modern Japan
Imperial China
History of Modern China
Spirituality of Jamaica
Begin Spanish I
Begin Spanish II
Civ & Cul of Latin America
Total Hours30