International Business Major (M)

The International Business Major focuses on the challenges, problems and opportunities that face businesses operating outside their domestic environment.  The emphasis is placed upon the basic principles, concepts and techniques relevant to international business management. Areas addressed include economics, politics, finance, marketing, legal and ethical issues.  Specific industries are studied as examples of business operating within a global context.

Program Learning Outcomes 

By fulfilling all of the course requirements for the Bachelor of Science in International Business, students will be able to:

1. Understand the interactions between businesses operating internationally and the governments and nations where business operations occur.

2. Utilize critical thinking and decision making tools to implement strategies to deal with multiple cultures, languages, infrastructures, legal systems and value systems.

3. Demonstrate an understanding of the logistical and supply-chain management challenges of operating internationally.

4. Analyze a firm’s international operations and identify poor as well as best practices.

5. Use data analytics and trade theory to construct models to use in forecasting international business trends.

6. Demonstrate an understanding of the financial impact of international operations, including currency fluctuations and risk.

7.  Understand how different communication systems and IT functions help international firms solve problems and collaborate.                          


Core Requirements 145
Major Requirements65
Minor: Optional
Total Hours120

For transfer students, please see the Advanced Transfer Core.

Business Core
Required Core Courses
Business Statistics (counted in University Core)
Macroeconomics (counted in University Core)
Public Speaking (or COMM 201)
Interpersonal Communication (or COMM 105)
Core Business Requirements
ACCT 205Accounting & Finance for Business Professionals3
BUS 210Business Law I3
BUS 161Business Essentials3
or BUS 162 Quantitative Business Essentials
BUS 355Management Information Systems3
BUS 399Business Internship3
BUS 453Business Policy and Ethics (Business School Capstone)3
ECON 231Microeconomics3
MGMT 130Management & Leadership3
or MBA 544 People-Focused Management
MKTG 131Sales and Marketing3
Required Courses
MGMT 450International Business3
ECON 370International Economics3
MKTG 440International Marketing3
Foreign Languages `17
International students may receive a waiver for foreign language requirement but must replace the 12 foreign language credits with business courses not taken in the Major or the Business Core
Semester Abroad (International Business Emphasis)12
Total Hours65