Cross Categorical Special Education Program (M)

Core Requirements 148-51
Major Requirements79-85
Minor: Optional
Total Hours127-136

Core Curriculum - 48-51 Credits

Concordia Common Core - 18-21 Credits

Theology - Public Education
REL 100The Bible3
REL 110Christian Faith3
Theology - Lutheran (LTD) & Christian (CTC)
REL 201Old Testament3
REL 203New Testament3
REL 204Biblical Theology3
CCE 130Christian Citizen3
CCE 140Science & Humanity3
CCE 110Western Culture & Worldview3
CCE 120Western Thought & Worldview3
Liberal Arts Dimensions - 30 Credits
ENG 104Intro to Writing3
Communication and Language Elective3
Faith and Life Elective: Any course with REL prefix other than REL 100, 110, 201, 203, 204
ED 102Foundations of Education3
HHP 100Stewardship of the Body1
HHP Activity Course 1
Human Creativity and Expression: Art, Music, Theater, Literature or Graphic Design activity course3
MATH 119Number Sense: Teaching Pre K-93
MATH 120Data & Space:Teaching Pre K-93
SCI 110Intro Life & Phys Sci (or Life Science or Physical Science with at least one lab)4
ED 103Human Relations for Teachers (register with ED 212)3
Note: Two CUW - approved writing intensive courses are required for graduation. 3-6


Cross Categorical Special Education Curriculum
Theoretical Component
ED 230Nature of Exceptional Child (register with ED 213)3
ED 209Ed Psych-Adolescent (register with ED 211)3
ED 411Profession & Ethics Teaching 2 3
Experiential and Seminar Component (pass/fail)
ED 100Orientation Seminar0
ED 200UDS Seminar0
ED 300Student Teaching Seminar0
ED 211General Clinical I Experience (register with ED 209)0
ED 212Cultural Clinical II Expr (register with ED 103)0
ED 213Special Educ Clinical III Expr (register with ED 230)0
Practical Component: Regular Education
ED 204The Art and Science of Teaching Reading3
ED 401Instruction and Assessment of Reading 2 3
ED 432Teaching Writing2 or 3
or ED 358 Teaching the Emergent Writer
"THE BLOCK" - Take these courses during the same semester.14
Data-Driven Analysis of Classroom Instruction 2
Language Arts Methods 2
Curr/Meth-Math Elem 2
Meth-Science & Envir 2
Curr/Meth Soc Studies Elem 2
Practical Component: Special Education
ED 327Coll w Fam & Pro Div Soc3
ED 328Teach Stu w Sig Disabilities 23
ED 438Transition/coll Adolesc/disabi 23
ED 452Strat Teach Exceptional Youth 23
ED 454Curriculum, Methods, and Practicum for CCSE/ECSE 24
ED 455Legal Issues in SPED 23
ED 457Curr Adpt Learners with Excep 23
ED 479Assessment Strategies for Diverse Learners 2 3
ED 484Ed/Beh Manag in Spec Ed 33
ED 487Implement Strateg in Spec Educ 22
Student Teaching Component (Take these courses in the same semester
ED 444Student Teaching CCSE - MCEA 2 6
ED 447Student Teaching CCSE - EAA 26
ED 449Portfolio Completion - Spec Ed 21
Lutheran (LCMS Members) Education Requirements
ED 306Teaching the Faith3
REL 404Lutheran Confessions3
Christian Teacher Certification Requirements
ED 306Teaching the Faith3
Select one of the following:3
Lutheran Confessions
Law/Gosp Life in Church
A Survey of Christian Thought
Christian Apologetic I
Christ and Culture