Elementary/Middle (M)

(GRADES 4K-9) 

Core Requirements 148-51
Lutheran/Christian Teacher Certification Major57-60
Public Education Major51-54
+ Electives as needed to reach 120 credits
Total120 - 129

NOTE: Check with the Chair of the Elementary/Middle Education Department for possible changes in the major

Core Curriculum - 48-51 Credits

Concordia Common Core - 18-21 Credits

Theology - Public Education
REL 100The Bible3
REL 110Christian Faith3
Theology - Lutheran (LTD) & Christian (CTC)
REL 201Old Testament3
REL 203New Testament3
REL 204Biblical Theology3
CCE 130Christian Citizen3
CCE 140Science & Humanity3
CCE 110Western Culture & Worldview3
CCE 120Western Thought & Worldview3
Liberal Arts Dimensions - 30 Credits
ENG 104Intro to Writing3
Communication and Language Elective3
Faith and Life Elective: Any course with REL prefix other than REL 100, 110, 201, 203, 204 3
ED 102Foundations of Education3
HHP 100Stewardship of the Body1
HHP Activity Course 1
Human Creativity and Expression: Art, Music, Theater, Literature or Graphic Design activity course3
MATH 119Number Sense: Teaching Pre K-9 33
MATH 120Data & Space:Teaching Pre K-93
SCI 110Intro Life & Phys Sci4
ED 103Human Relations for Teachers (register with ED 212)3
Note: Two writing intensive courses are required for graduation. Electives may be added if under 120 credits. 0/3


Elementary Education Curriculum
Theoretical Component
ED 230Nature of Exceptional Child (reigster with ED 213)3
ED 231Best Practices in Engaging Children in Literacy3
ED 275Human Learning 33
ED 411Profession & Ethics Teaching 2, 33
Seminar and Experiential Components (pass/fail)
ED 100Orientation Seminar0
ED 200UDS Seminar0
ED 300Student Teaching Seminar0
ED 211General Clinical I Experience (register with ED 275)0
ED 212Cultural Clinical II Expr (register with ED 103)0
ED 213Special Educ Clinical III Expr (register with ED 230)0
Practical Component
ED 204The Art and Science of Teaching Reading 33
ED 252Best Practices in Engaging Adolescents in Literacy 3, 40/3
or ED 312 Math in the Middle School
ED 358Teaching the Emergent Writer 32
ED 348Developmentally Appropriate Practices for Early Childhood 33
ED 401Instruction and Assessment of Reading 2, 33
Take these courses during the same semester
ED 385Collaborating with Families and Members of the Community1
Data-Driven Analysis of Classroom Instruction 2, 3
ED 303Language Arts Methods 2, 33
ED 304Curr/Meth-Math Elem 2, 33
ED 305Meth-Science & Envir 2, 33
ED 407Curr/Meth Soc Studies Elem 2, 33
Student Teaching Component
ED 412Portfolio Completion-Elem 21
ED 421Student Teach-Elem/Gr 1-6 26
ED 422Student Teach Middle Sch 26
Lutheran (LCMS Members) Teacher Diploma Requirements
ED 306Teaching the Faith3
REL 404Lutheran Confessions3
Christian Teacher Certification Requirements
ED 306Teaching the Faith3
Select one of the following:3
Lutheran Confessions
Law/Gosp Life in Church
A Survey of Christian Thought
Christian Apologetic I
Christ and Culture


Elementary/Middle Education (Grades 1-8)
Middle Childhood through Early Adolescence

Elementary Education majors (MC-EA) are required to complete at least one minor or an additional licensable major Students are strongly encouraged to select one of the following minors:

An alternative to licensable subject area minor listed above is a special education major (please see "Special Education Major Requirements").

NOTE: Since most middle schools are departmentalized, students are encouraged to select a minor for the subject area that they would prefer to teach in a middle school setting.