Teacher Colloquy Program - LCMS (M)

The Teacher Colloquy is designed for members of the Missouri Synod who have received their teacher training at a non-Synodical college and would like to be certified for teaching in schools of the Synod. The program is available online through the Concordia University Education Network, CUEnet (www.cuenet.edu). For more information, contact the CUEnet director at 1-800-238-3037 or write CUEnet, 345 Cyber Drive, Bend, Oregon 97702. The program typically consists of 24 credit hours.

In 1989, the Provisional Endorsement for Lutheran Teaching (P.E.L.T. ) Program was developed by the colleges and universities and the appropriate boards of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. This program was developed in recognition of the many capable Lutheran teachers involved in the ministries of the LCMS Parochial School Systems who were non-synodically certified.

The initial vision was to offer these teachers an avenue to take steps toward synodical certification via the LCMS’s Colloquy Program.  It was an initial step because the candidate could only fulfill some of the course requirements via the extension model. The candidate then had to complete the colloquy course requirements through residence course work at one of the synodical colleges offering a bachelor’s degree in teacher education. Since the Synodical Convention in Pittsburgh in 1992, it is possible to take the eight required courses to fulfill course work requirements for teach colloquy via the Theological Education by Extension Model.  We have several extension locations in different parts of the country.