Mathematics Minor (M)

The Math Education Minor will help you inspire students with exercises and problems that help expand the mind. You will engage students with the early math fundamentals and teach skills that can be used for the rest of their lives. You will open their mind to new possibilities and introduce a new curiosity in numbers. You will also learn how to teach with computer systems in the classroom. Using technology effectively while managing your classroom is essential. You will be able to explore the Christian worldview in a technological society and be able to lead discussions with students about this relationship. Through a guided and intensive experience, the Mathematics Education Minor will give you mastery in the most important fundamentals of math, as well as other electives. The Mathematics Education minor includes 18-20 credits and the concentration includes 12 credits.

Curriculum- Minor

Early Childhood and/or Elementary Education Majors (Birth - 9th Grade)

Required Courses
MATH 197Applied Calculus3-4
or MATH 201 Calculus I
MATH 205Statistics I3
CSC 150 Foundations of Computer Science3
MATH 313Math in the Middle School3
Minor Electives
Select two of the following:6
Contemporary Math
College Algebra
Calculus II
Statistics II
Abstract Algebra
Other approved course
Total Hours18-19

Curriculum- Concentration

MATH 313Math in the Middle School3
Electives - Choose any courses with a MATH or CSC prefix. At least 6 credits must have a MATH prefix.9
Total Hours12