Urban Education Minor (M)

Through this minor, we focus on addressing the needs of the whole student. This means engagement in core subjects, child health and safety and guidance in the exploration of their beliefs and values. We have the program INVEST that strives to increase the diversity and skill of teachers in urban settings within Milwaukee. We also have a partnership with the Center for Urban Education Ministries with a focus on immersion, community outreach, and instructional team collaboration. We combine traditional teaching methods with field experiences so you can understand what student success really means. You will have access to experienced educators to develop the commitment to change and earn effective approaches for school improvement and parent outreach.

The Urban Education Minor includes 18 credits and is available for multiple education majors including the Early Childhood Education Major, the Elementary/Middle-School Education Major, and the Secondary/K-12 Education Major. So, no matter your focus and grade-level emphasis, we offer the ability to highlight the importance of community and urban education settings.

Curriculum- Minor

Required Core Courses
COMM 460Cross-Cultural Communication3
Required Courses
ED 2293The Urban Education Landscape3
ED 2294Paradigms for Success in Urban Education3
ED 3429Urban Education Field Practicum 13
Minor Electives
Select two of the following:6
Servant Leadership
Basic Linguistics
Cultural Geography
Social Psychology
Faith and Culture
Church in Mission
Total Hours18

Curriculum- Concentration

This concentration may be taken with the Elementary Education Major (Grades K-9).

ED 2293The Urban Education Landscape3
ED 2295Classroom Management3
Educational/Behavioral Management in Special Education (This course can be substituted for ED2295 for SPED majors. )
ED 3429Urban Education Field Practicum 13
Electives (3 credits) - Select one of the following course or other approved courses3
Paradigms for Success in Urban Education
Trauma Informed Practices 2
Social Emotional Learning 2
Total Hours12