Natural Science Major (M)

The Broad Field Science Education major consists of a combination of the Natural Sciences major from the School of Arts and Sciences along with a Secondary Education major.  Completers of this program will be licensed to teach all areas of science in grades 4 to 12.  Students can select from three different emphases - Biology, Chemistry, or Physics. 

Pending Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction approval

 This major is designed to accompany a BS in Secondary Education for students who intend to teach high school science.

Core Requirements 145
Major Requirements51
Electives 224
Minor: Optional
Total Hours120

Major Requirements

Required Core Courses
General Biology I (Science with a Lab)
Statistics I (MATH 205 for Biology Emphasis; MATH 128 for Chemistry/Physics Emphases)
College Algebra
Public Speaking (Communication)
Interpersonal Communication
Courses Required for Secondary Education Students
Foundations of Education (Core Human Beings & Being Human requirement)
Human Relations for Teachers (Core Society and Culture requirement)
Curr & Meth in Science-Seconda (Required pedagogy class)
Major Requirements23
BIO 141General Biology I (taken in core)
BIO 142General Biology II4
CHEM 141General Chemistry I4
CHEM 142General Chemistry II4
PHYS 151General Physics I4
or PHYS 171 University Physics I
PHYS 152General Physics II4
or PHYS 172 University Physics II
SCI 275Cosmogony3
Choose one environmentally-focused class3-4
Choose one of the following emphases:9-17
Major Electives7-15
Total Hours51

Environmentally-Related Courses

BIO 156Environmental Science4
PHYS 108Introductory Astronomy4
SCI 195Meteorology3
SCI 235Earth Science4
SCI 246Oceanography4

Emphasis in Biology

Statistics I (taken in core)
BIO 146Essentials Anat & Phys (If BIO 191 is chosen, BIO 192 must be selected as a major elective)4
or BIO 191 Human Anat & Phys I
BIO 244Botany4
BIO 260Microbiology4
BIO 348Genetics4
BIO 490Biology Senior Seminar (fall semester)1
The biology emphasis requires at least 7 credits of major electives
Total Hours17

Emphasis in Chemistry

College Algebra (taken in core)
CHEM 241Organic Chemistry I4
CHEM 242Organic Chemistry II4
CHEM 225Analytical Chemistry4
CHEM 425Biochemistry4
CHEM 490Chemistry Senior Seminar (fall semester)1
The chemistry emphasis requires at least 7 credits of major electives

Emphasis in Physics

College Algebra (taken in core)
Introductory Astronomy (must be selected as environmentally-focused course)
University Physics I (must be selected as major requirement)
University Physics II (must be selected as major requirement)
MATH 201Calculus I (must be taken before PHYS 171)4
MATH 202Calculus II4
CHEM 490Chemistry Senior Seminar (fall semester)1
The physics emphasis requires at least 15 credits of major electives
Total Hours9

Major Electives

7 elective credits are required for the biology/chemistry emphases, 15 for the physics emphasis.  Major electives can be selected from any courses in the other emphases (Biology, Chemistry, Physics), additional courses from the environmentally-focused category, or selected from the following (prerequisites may apply):

CHEM 235Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry4
BIO 192Human Anat & Phys II4
BIO 240Zoology4
BIO 321Cell Biology4
BIO 367Ecology of the Tropics3
BIO 368Ecology of the Tropics-Lab1
BIO 410Ecology4
Other courses approved by the chair of the Department of Life and Earth Sciences