Broad Field Social Studies Education Major (M)

The Broad Field Social Studies Education program entitles the applicant to each all social studies courses in Grades 4-12.  The Broad Field Social Studies Education program requires a History Major with a Social Science concentration alongside a major in Secondary Education.

Major Requirements

Pending Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction approval

Social Science Foundations
SOC 101Intro to Sociology3
PSY 101General Psychology3
GEOG 220Cultural Geography3
ECON 200Principles of Economics3
POLS 201American Government3
Historical Foundations (Select 5 courses)15
American Civ Survey (American History)
History of Christianity (Western/European History)
Early America:1492-1800 (American History)
Indus America:1865-1920 (American History)
U.S.-World Power:1920-Pres (American History)
Renaiss/Reform Europe (Western/European History)
The Reformations (Western/European History)
Amer Republic/1800-1860 (American History)
History and Social Science: Integrative Approaches (Select 4 courses)12
Non-Western World:A History (Non-Western/Global History)
History of Food (Non-Western/Global History)
Rats, Lice & Mice: Hist of Dis (Non-Western/Global History)
Ancient Civilizations (Non-Western/Global History)
Empires: East & West (Non-Western/Global History)
The City & American Culture (American History)
Women in America (American History)
Presidency (American History)
Macroecon Crises in History (Non-Western/Global History)
Special Topics-Poli Sci (American History)
Disciplinary Thinking (9 credits)
HIST 190Western Historical Perspective (Western/European History)3
HIST 385Historical Methods3
HIST 490History Seminar3
Education Methods Course
Curr/Meth in Eng/SS- Secondary 2
Total Hours51