English and Language Arts Education Major (M)

Major Requirements

Pending Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction approval

Required Courses
COMM 105Public Speaking (satisfies core requirement)3
COMM 201Interpersonal Communication3
COMM 205Advanced Public Speaking3
COMM 265Journalism3
ENG 190Intro to English Studies (satisfies core writing requirement)3
ENG 245Advanced Writing 1 3
ED 252Best Practices in Engaging Adolescents in Literacy3
ENG 305English Grammar and Usage3
ENG 341American Literature I3
ENG 342American Literature II3
ENG 344British Literature I3
ENG 345British Literature II3
ENG 347World Literature I3
ENG 365History of the English Language3
ENG 465Shakespeare3
ENG 475Literary Criticism3
ED 373Curr/Meth Social Studies-Secon3
ED 432Teaching Writing 23
Total Hours54