Adaptive Education Minor (M)

Adaptive Education Minor

ED 327Coll w Fam & Pro Div Soc3
ED 328Teach Stu w Sig Disabilities 13
ED 453Eval Tech/Erly Child Spec Educ 13
or ED 479 Assessment Strategies for Diverse Learners
ED 457Curr Adpt Learners with Excep 13
ED 484Ed/Beh Manag in Spec Ed3
ED 487Implement Strateg in Spec Educ 12
ED 477Practicum in Adaptive Ed 11

Note: Complete 12 or more credits in the minor before taking ED 477 Practicum in Adaptive Education.

Note: MC-EA majors with an adaptive education minor must also complete a DPI approved minor in addition to the adaptive education minor.