Health Education Minor (M)

Health Education Minor

Required Core Course
Essentials Anat & Phys
Required Courses
First Aid and CPR (Current certification required OR HHP 209)2
HHP 260School and Community Health3
HHP 265Healthy Lifestyles3
HHP 342Nutrition Wellness/Perform3
HHP 361Tech Hlth/Hum Perform 13
HHP 410Meas/Eval-Health and PE 13
ED 476Curr/Methods-Health Education 13
Total Hours20

NOTE: The Health Education minor is certified by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction for individuals who have completed a DPI certified major. This minor enables teacher education graduates to provide instruction in health promotion and the prevention of health problems to students in Lutheran and public school settings. The goal of this instruction is to enable individuals to make choices, which improve the quality of life and the care of God’s temple.