Rehabilitation Science (M)

BSRS Curriculum

Core Requirements 145
Major Requirements48
Minor: Optional
Total Hours120

Major Requirements

Required Core Courses
Common Core Experience
The Bible (Bible Content)
Christian Faith (Christian Doctrine)
Communication and Language
Intro to Writing (Writing)
Interpersonal Communication (Communication) 1
Human Creativity and Expression
Any Human Creativity and Expression Course
Human Beings and Being Human
Stewardship of the Body
HHP Activity Course
General Psychology
Natural World
Human Anat & Phys I
Statistics I (Mathematics) 1
Society and Culture
Cross-Cultural Communication (Culture) 1
Required Courses
BIO 192Human Anat & Phys II4
RSC 106Medical Terminology1
BIO 301Advan Func Anatomy & Physiolog4
PSY 230Life Span Development3
RSC 310Cult in Rehabilitation3
COMM 460Cross-Cultural Communication3
HHP 375Biomechanics3
RSC 201Medical Ethics in Occupational Therapy 43
RSC 304Teaching and Learning in Rehab 43
HHP 371Exercise Physiology 53
BIO 285Pathophysiology 53
MGMT 130Principles of Management 53
ED 230Nature of Exceptional Child 53
ED 475Adaptive Phys Educ 53
BCOM 300Group Dynamics 53
HHP 265Healthy Lifestyles 53
Total Hours48