Leveling Program (M)

The Leveling Program is intended for students who possess a bachelor’s degree in a major other than CSD who are interested in qualifying for graduate study in Speech-Language Pathology. The Leveling Program in SLP is nationally recognized as a means of completing the requisite education to prepare a student for graduate study in SLP. The CUW Leveling Program requires interested students to complete 30 credit hours (10 courses) in the CSD major in one year of study prior to entering a graduate SLP program. Completion of the Leveling Program does not guarantee a student admission to a graduate program.

Plan of Study Grid
Year 1
CSD 210 Anat & Phys Spch & Hearing Mec 3
CSD 220 Clinical Phonetics 3
CSD 250 Hearing Science 3
CSD 260 Speech Lang Disorders Children 3
CSD 420 Clinical Methods & Observation 3
CSD 240 Speech and Lang Development 3
CSD 270 Multicultural Populations 3
CSD 310 Audiology 3
CSD 320 Speech Science 3
CSD 330 Speech Lang Disorders Adults 3
 Total Hours30