Interprofessional Education Undergraduate Certificate (M)

The IPE Undergraduate Certificate creates meaningful opportunities for students to become “job-ready” as they enter a marketplace that demands interprofessional and collaborative skills for person-centered care.  The Undergraduate Certificate is an important extension of our campus-wide vision and mission for IPE @ CUW to develop health and social care professionals in mind, body and spirit.  Many pre-pharmacy, nursing, pre-medical, pre-health professional, and business students are on track (or eligible) to complete this undergraduate certificate.


CERTIFICATE REQUIREMENTS INCLUDE 5 PARTS (listed below) plus Capstone for a minimum of 15 credits:15
PART 1: Introductory Pathway
BSN / BSW students: Attend four campus wide IPE events (min 8 hours)
Introduction to Inter-professional Education (all other majors besides BSN students)
PART 2: IPE Reinforcement - at least one course from the following:
Medical Terminology (1 credit)
Interpersonal Communication (3 credits)
Professional Core Foundations (3 credits)
Foundational Nursing Skills 1 (1 credit)
Nursing Pathophysiology (3 credits)
Nursing Pharmacology I (2 credits)
Nursing Pharmacology 2 (2 credits)
Human Dignity (3 credits)
Christian Care Giving (3 credits)
Social Work Practice in Health Care (3 credits)
Group Dynamics (3 credits)
other / public health courses as approved by IPE office
PART 3: IPE Advanced - at least one course from the following:
Culture and Rehabilitation (3 credits)
Organization Behavior (3 credits)
Human Behavior in the Social Environment I (3 credits)
Human Behavior in the Social Environment II (3 credits)
Skills & Methods of Social Work Practice II (3 credits)
Bioethical Dilemmas in Contemporary Society (3 credits)
Christian Ethics (3 credits)
Conflict Management (3 credits)
Special Topics in Business (3 credits (IPE / Healthcare related course))
Leadership and Management in Healthcare Systems Theory (3 credits)
Global Education Mexico (3 credits)
Global Education Costa Rica Immersion (3 credits)
Introduction to Integrative and Complementary Therapies (1 credit)
Other / public health courses as approved by IPE office
PART 4: Clinical / internship / advanced study
Nursing / Social Work students take one of the following:
Alterations in Adult Health 3 Clinical (2.5 credits)
Leadership and Management Practicum: In an Evolving Healthcare System (2.5 credits)
400 level Social Work (SW) course for 1-6 credits
All other majors take one of the following:
Special topics or approved internship within major - travel study may apply: IPE office approval required
Undergraduate Research Course (499)
Experiential learning in an IPE health or social care setting (e.g. service-learning; volunteering; observation; shadowing, etc.)
PART 5: IPE co-curricular activities - 10+ hours required
AHEC Scholars program
AHEC Case Competition
Veteran's Stand Down: Intake + Patient Education
CIMTUMS: Chronic Disease Patient Education Experience / Milwaukee
Mind-Body Spirit Health and Wellness Fair
Children's Wisconsin CUW Respite Event
Milwaukee County Drug Court Nontraditional IPE
MCIP Student organization: officer-level participation
Participation in non-CUW IPE-centric conference (e.g., OCON, PSW, WNA, etc.)
Medical mission work (US or abroad) / global health trip
Other / advisor approved activity
IPE Capstone Course required for all
Understanding IPE through the Experiences of Working Professionals (IPEC Competencies - Junior or Senior standing recommended)