Public Health (M)

This 21-credit undergraduate Minor in Public Health will provide students with coursework focused on the core principles of public health: prevention and health equity, to improve health and well-being on a population level. Through these courses, students will build the foundational knowledge of how to prevent the spread of disease, promote healthy behaviors, and ensure access to health services using global, national, community, and local perspectives. The Public Health Minor is open to all undergraduate students from other programs of study.  Our public health courses emphasize multidisciplinary, collaborative strategies to promote health and prevent disease in populations, which prepares students for both advanced study and diverse careers.


Required Courses (15 credit hours)
PH 105Introduction to Public Health3
PH 205A Public Health Perspective on Community, Culture, and Advocacy3
PH 210Public Health Research, Evaluation and Ethics3
PH 305Public Health Communication3
PH 310Public Health Interventions and Program Planning3
Two Elective Courses (choose in consultation with your advisor) 16
Total Hours21

Courses will be selected in consultation with your advisor. Selectives may include, but are not limited to, courses from BIO, COMM, CSC, CSLL, ENV, EXPH, HCM, HHP, MGMT, NURS, PHIL, POLS, PSY, RSC, SOC, SW