Minor Requirements

Required Courses
ED 211General Clinical I Experience0
ED 212Multicultural Clinical II Expr0
ED 213Special Educ Clinical III Expr0
ED 102Foundations of Education3
ED 103Human Relations for Teachers3
Select one of the following:3
Human Learning
Ed Psych-Adolescent
Child Development 1
ED 230Nature of Exceptional Child3
Minor Electives
Select two of the following or other approved courses:6
The Urban Education Landscape
Paradigms for Success/Urban Ed
Teaching the Faith 1
Coll w Fam & Pro Div Soc
Teaching Middle School 1
Fth Dev Yng Chd:Strat Chld Sp 1
Profession & Ethics Teaching 1
Ed/Beh Manag in Spec Ed 1
Total Hours18