Major Requirements

Required Core Courses
Recital (principal area and satisfies core Human Creativity and Expression requirement)
Applied Piano (Satisfies core Human Creativity and Expression requirement)
Required Courses
MUS 080Concert/Recital Attendance (each semester - must pass 7 semesters)0
MUS 240Music Theory I3
MUS 241Music Theory II3
MUS 242Music Theory III3
MUS 243Music Theory IV3
MUS 250Beginning Conducting3
MUS 271Music History I3
MUS 272Music History II3
MUS 273Music History III3
MUS 351Advanced Conducting3
MUS 356Tech of Brass1
MUS 357Tech of Teaching Woodwind1
MUS 358Teach Tech:Percussion1
MUS 359Strings: Tech Teaching1
Applied Music 111
Ensemble 24
ED 379Curr/Meth Music Ed 32
ED 403Elem General Music Methods 32
Total Hours50