Construction and Trades Management (EC)

Major: Construction and Trades Management

Upon completion of the major, students will be able to (i.e., program outcomes):

  • Communicate orally and in writing using a variety of methods for construction and trades audiences;  [professional communication]
  • Evaluate legal, ethical, and safety issues that are undergirded by professional and Christian standards in decision making and problem solving; [legal, ethical, safety issues]
  • Administer modern methods of electronic technology, cost estimating and control, project scheduling techniques, and project management to chosen field; [project management]
  • Administer field inspection techniques and safety standards while maintaining high-quality assurance and control; [field techniques] and
  • Navigate organizational dynamics, including leadership and employee development as relevant to construction and trades organizations. [group and organizational dynamics]
Core Requirements44
Major Requirements39
Total Hours120

Major Requirements

AL 107Student Success Strategies3
AL 247Business Writing3
AL 269Workplace Health and Safety3
AL 272Organizational Management 23
AL 295Introduction to Six Sigma 13
or AL 296 Introduction to LEAN
CTM 200Codes and Compliance in Construction and Trades 23
CTM 210Intro to Construction Methods, Materials, and Systems 23
BUS 240Project Management 23
CTM 220Architectural Design and Technology 23
CTM 300Legal & Ethical Issues in Construction and Trades 23
CTM 310Advanced Construction Methods, Materials, and Systems 23
MGMT 345Diversity, Inclusion, and Human Relations 23
AL 371Business Policy (Business School Capstone)3
Total Hours39