Management of Criminal Justice (EC)

Major: Management of Criminal Justice

The Management of Criminal Justice program provides professional growth and knowledge by affording the student the opportunity to analyze critical legal, operational, and managerial issues in the criminal justice field. The curriculum is designed to develop highly-skilled individuals by providing a practical and applied course of instruction in the areas of law and management, as well as current issues impacting the field.

Student learning outcomes of the Management of Criminal Justice program include:

  • Show knowledge of public sector management techniques within the criminal justice system;
  • Show knowledge of the dynamics and development of constitutional, criminal, and administrative law, as it pertains to the management and operations of criminal justice activities, at all levels of government; federal, state and municipal;
  • Show the ability to recognize the value and importance of ethics and how ethics applies to criminal justice professionals;
  • Be able to identify and evaluate the theories for the causes of crime and public policies that assist in the prevention of crime;
  • Demonstrate an appreciation of the use of statistics in criminal justice decision making and research;
  • Describe the role and functions of law enforcement, corrections and the courts in a modern democratic society;
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively in writing.
Core Requirements26
Core Courses Required for Major 118
Major Requirements30
Minor: Optional
Total Hours120

Major Requirements

Required Courses
AL 107Student Success Strategies3
AL 310Constitutional Law 23
AL 204College Writing 23
AL 312Procedural Criminal Law3
AL 314Criminal Justice Liability Law3
AL 316Administrative Law3
AL 245Criminal Justice Research Meth3
AL 169Business Statistics 23
AL 322Criminology 23
AL 357Juvenile Justice Theory3
AL 318Management of Law Enforcement3
AL 320Public Finance and Budgeting3
AL 328Corrections in America3
AL 153Forensic Investigation 23
AL 159Heritage of Faith 23
AL 329Ethics in Criminal Justice3
Total Hours48