Justice & Public Policy (Acc)

The Associate Degree in Justice & Public Policy is designed for those individuals that have an interest in the process and procedures that lead to the creating and maintaining of a positive, non-violent environment within a community.  This is done by exploring criminal causation & laws, public policies, and the total justice system.  Through the required courses, the program is intended to grow and enhance both your professional and Christian values.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Students will professionally and effectively communicate through writing and oral presentations using appropriate criminal justice terminology.
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of theories of the causes of criminal activity and public policies that aid in crime prevention.
  • Students will accurately describe the role and function of law enforcement, corrections, juvenile procedures, and the courts in society.
  • Students will evaluate the effectiveness of criminal justice and security professional in crime prevention and in criminal justice prosecutions.
  • Students will be able to gather, analyze and evaluate relevant information to create ethical legal decisions based upon Christian principles.


Required Core in Major24
Major Requirements36
Total Hours60
Plan of Study Grid
Year 1
JPP 102 Introduction to Law Enforcement 3
JPP 103 Criminology 3
REL 100 The Bible 3
MATH 121 Intermediate Algebra 3
ENG 104 Introduction to Writing 3
JPP 104 Introduction to Courts 3
JPP 255 Stress Management 3
MATH 125 Contemporary Math 3
REL 110 Christian Faith 3
CCE 110 Western Culture & Worldview 3
Year 2
JPP 110 Juvenile Justice Theory 3
JPP 207 Substantive Criminal Law 3
JPP 150 Introduction to Probation and Parole 3
COMM 105 Public Speaking 3
CCE 120 Western Thought & Worldview 3
COMM 460 Cross-Cultural Communication 3
JPP 214 Criminal Investigation 3
PSY 101 General Psychology 3
JPP 206 Corrections in America 3
JPP 308 Procedural Criminal Law 3
 Total Hours60