Business Management (Acc)

The Business Management major includes the study from a variety of disciplines which will enable the student to develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes to more effectively deal with managerial, human, and financial dynamics within an organization.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe how a Christian worldview, informs responses to ethical issues and dilemmas.
  2. Demonstrate broad knowledge of business and related topics.
  3. Demonstrate an understanding and a disposition that a student builds across the business curriculum. 
  4. Identify and evaluates conclusions, implications, and consequences.
  5. Interpret quantitative data to inform and drive sound decision making. 
  6. Demonstrates professional business communication. 
  7. Demonstrates the ability to convert relevant information into an insightful mathematical portrayal. 


Post-Traditional Core Requirements44
School of Business Core Requirements18
Major Requirements18
Total Hours120

Business School Core Courses

BUS 272Organizational Management Principles3
Business Statistics (Counts as Mathematics Post-Traditional Core)
MGMT 336Human Resource Management3
MGMT 450International Business3
MGMT 472Managing Change3
MGMT 345Diversity, Inclusion, and Human Relations3
BUS 453Business Policy and Ethics (Business School Capstone)3
Total Hours18

Major Courses

Required Courses
LA 115Student Success Strategies3
MKTG 422Marketing Management3
Macroeconomics (Counts as Society and Culture Post-Traditional Core)
BUS 368Philosophy of Values & Ethics3
ACCT 203Financial Accounting3
or ACCT 223 Managerial Accounting
FIN 300Principles of Finance3
BUS 240Project Management3
Speech Communication (Counts as Communication and Language Post-Traditional Core)
College Writing (Counts as Communication and Language Post-Traditional Core)
Heritage of Faith (Counts as Common Core Experience Post-Traditional Core)
Critical Thinking & Creativity (Counts as Human Beings and Being Human Post-Traditional Core)
Total Hours18