Public Service (EC)

The Public Service program prepares exceptional public leaders for ethics-based solving of diverse public service issues. Graduates acquire analytical writing skills, critical thinking skills, and go on to practice in organizations fostering service and commitment to serve local, national and international communities as practitioners, public officials, social innovators, and educators.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students in the Public Service program will:

  • Show knowledge of public sector management techniques within the criminal justice system;
  • Show knowledge of the dynamics and development of constitutional, criminal, and administrative law, as it pertains to the management and operations of criminal justice activities, at all levels of government; federal, state and municipal;
  • Show the ability to recognize the value and importance of ethics and how ethics applies to criminal justice professionals;
  • Be able to identify and evaluate the theories for the causes of crime and public policies that assist in the prevention of crime;
  • Demonstrate an appreciation of the use of statistics in criminal justice decision making and research;
  • Describe the role and functions of law enforcement, corrections and the courts in a modern democratic society;
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively in writing.


Post-Traditional Core Requirements44
Core Courses24
Concentration Courses12
Total Hours120
Public Service Core Courses
PS 101Foundations of Leadership3
PS 220Crisis and Emergency Management3
PS 225Public Information and Community Relations3
JPP 255Stress Management in Criminal Justice3
JPP 330Public Finance & Budgeting3
JPP 399Internships and Careers in Criminal Justice3
JPP 415Ethics in Criminal Justice3
PS 445Leading in an Inclusive, Diverse and Equitable Organization3
Total Hours24
Leadership Concentration
PS 210Intro to Public Policy3
SW 306Social Welfare Policy and Programs3
Business Statistics (Counts as Post-Traditional Core)
MGMT 336Human Resource Management3
Total Hours9
Management of Criminal Justice Concentration
JPP 245Criminal Justice Research Methods3
Forensic Investigation (Counts as Post-Traditional Core)
JPP 320Management of Law Enforcement Agencies3
JPP 325Criminal Justice Liability Law3
Total Hours9