Medical Assistant (EC)

Major:  Medical Assistant

Concordia University’s Nationally Accredited Medical Assistant Program will train you for an exciting career in the healthcare field. Certified Medical Assistants are in high demand. The Medical Assistant profession is one of the fastest growing occupations in the country today. If you enjoy working with people, and are interested in healthcare, the CU Medical Assistant Program is a great place to start!

The three key skill areas of training include:

  1. Clinical Procedures
  2. Laboratory Procedures
  3. Administrative Procedures

There are several other medical related courses and a liberal arts component, which will enhance your education.

The CU Medical Assistant program incorporates Christian Values and Ethics that are important in the healthcare field.

The CU Medical Assistant program is a Certificate program and has a daytime class track and an evening class track. Classes are offered at our Miller Park Way Center (West Milwaukee) and our Beloit Center utilizing an online blended format.

Course work includes:

  • Student Success Strategies
  • Medical Terminology
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Math for Health Care Professionals
  • Psychology
  • CPR
  • Medical Law, Ethics & Professionalism
  • Computing for Health Care Professionals
  • Endocrine/Urinary/Reproductive Systems
  • Respiratory/Cardiovascular Systems
  • Lymphatic/Digestive/Blood Systems
  • Musculoskeletal/Skin/Nervous/Sense Systems
  • Administrative Procedures
  • Bible as Literature or Heritage of Faith
  • Medical Assistant Practicum

Upon successful completion of the Medical Assistant Program, you are awarded 42 semester hours of college credit and are eligible to take the American Association of Medical Assistants National Certification Exam to become a Certified Medical Assistant.