A Pathway is a University-wide emphasis consisting of select sections of existing courses. Students must complete 21 credits in courses assigned to a specific Pathway. Completion of Pathway requirements culminates in a transcript designation and certificate upon degree completion. Pathway options promote better enrollment decisions and prepare students for future success in an area of interest.

Great Texts Pathway

The Great Texts Pathway (GTP) embraces the tradition of education that began in ancient Greece with Socrates, was used by centuries of educators in ancient and medieval church, was taken up by the Lutheran reformers in Wittenberg, and has been handed down to us by the Saxon immigrants who landed on Perry County, Missouri.  That tradition of education puts texts and conversation fires, and lets Holy Scripture be the first of all texts.  This Pathway therefore reflects not only our identity and mission as a Lutheran university, but also our spiritual and academic heritage. 

The Great Texts Pathway (GTP) through the curriculum is intended to form the soul and spirit of our students by giving attention to the meaning of seminal and central texts (including great works of art, music, and foundational scientific demonstrations and texts) that have been handed down to us. The philosophy of this Pathway is centered around knowledge not as mere data or information, but knowledge as understanding. Students who take these Great Texts Pathway courses will be formed by texts rather than by lecture. This more democratic form of education will allow students to be formed by their own careful study, reflection, and conversation, with the professor acting as a guide or tutor. A text-based education is inherently interdisciplinary, because the great texts that are studied are so often interdisciplinary, and deal with all facets of divine and human knowledge.

The Great Texts Pathway (GTP) consists of courses from diverse disciplines but united by the emphasis on the close reading and vigorous discussion of primary texts. GTP courses prepare students to read and to speak well with others about what they read. These skills have broad application throughout the curriculum and across the spectrum of vocations. Students who complete 21 credits of GTP courses and apply for admission to the program will receive a GTP designation on their transcript and a certificate of completion. GTP courses are also open to all students without admission requirements or obligation to complete the program.

Questions about the program on the campus, upcoming courses, or students seeking program admission should contact the coordinator.

Concordia University Wisconsin:  Dr. Jason Soenksen 262-243-4412 or

Concordia University Ann Arbor:  Dr. Charles Schulz 734-995-7384 or  

The following is a list of courses that could potentially be offered in the Great Text Pathway format.  Not all courses or all sections of courses will be available or offered in this format each semester.  Please look for Great Text Pathway designation on class schedules to verify GTP format.  

Concordia University Wisconsin

Please see the Great Texts Pathway coordinator for specific courses with CRNs being offered each semester.
CCE 120Western Thought & Worldview3
CCE 140Science & Humanity3
CSC 180Systems Integration3
ENG 190Intro to English Studies3
ENG 344British Literature I3
ENG 465Shakespeare3
ENG 475Literary Criticism3
PHIL 201Central Texts of Philosophy3
PHIL 250Moral Philosophy3
PHIL 333C.S. Lewis: His Life and Christian Philosophy3
PHIL 334Christ and Culture3
PHIL 380Philosophy of Language3
PHIL 400Ancient Philosophy3
PHIL 410Medieval Philosophy3
PHIL 450Modern Philosophy3
PHYS 275Modern Physics3
REL 100The Bible3
REL 110Christian Faith3
REL 294Genesis3
REL 310Religion in America Today3
REL 333A Survey of Christian Thought3
REL 335The Person and Work of Christ3
REL 336God, Man, and Creation3
REL 347Law and Gospel in the Life of the Church3
REL 404Lutheran Confessions3
REL 440Lutheran Worship: Theology and Practice3

Concordia University Ann Arbor 

Please see the Great Texts Pathway coordinator for specific courses with CRNs being offered each semester.
CCE 140Science & Humanity3
CCE 130Christian Citizen3
ENG 315Contemporary Mosaic3
ENG 341American Literature I3
ENG 342American Literature II3
ENG 344British Literature I3
ENG 345British Literature II3
ENG 347World Literature I3
ENG 348World Literature II3
ENG 386Special Topics in Literature3
ENG 465Shakespeare3
REL 333A Survey of Christian Thought3
REL 404Lutheran Confessions3