Master of Science in Curriculum & Instruction- Secondary Teacher Certification

Youth in middle school, junior high and high school are a lively and fun group to teach. They are well on their way to becoming adults, but they've also left the door wide open, just waiting for an amazing teacher or mentor to make a thoughtful impact. That mentor could be you. You have the opportunity to encourage their faith walk or ignite their excitement over a particular subject. 

Candidates can choose to earn a certificate to teach:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Integrated Science
  • Comprehensive Social Studies
  • Spanish

Program Learning Outcomes

Candidates complete a 30 credit education sequence which allows them to teach at the secondary level (grades 6 - 12) while earning a Masters degree. Courses are offered entirely online and credit can be given for previously completed Education courses at the graduate level. You will be equipped to teach in middle school, junior high or high school in both the private and public sector.

You'll also learn how to design and use teaching methods in your content area that will make a meaningful impact in the classroom. In our program, you will bring faith and learning together in a meaningful way for your students, plan lessons and learn how to build relationships to manage a classroom, use technology and best practices to engage in effective teaching and be an educator dedicated to service in the classroom, church, and community.


EDU 510Adolescent Growth and Development3
EDU 531Instructional Design3
EDU 512Secondary Literacy Instruction3
EDU 560Cultural Issues in Curriculum, Classroom, & Community3
EDU 565Teaching Diverse Learners3
EDU 514Secondary Instructional Methods3
EDU 611Evaluation and Assessment3
EDU 620Instructional Technology and the Reflective Educator3
EDU 516Student Teaching in the Secondary Classroom6
Total Hours30