Alternative Education License Program

This coursework is for licensed teachers, professional educators, community professionals and advocates, corrections and juvenile justice professionals, agency professionals, and others who work with children and youth who may be at risk of school failure, and work toward preventing at risk behaviors.  As more and more students are identified as at-risk, it is essential that teachers, and other professionals receive this training.  A major focus of the alternative education program is to assist concerned professionals in learning ways to collaboratively build programs and strategies to better serve at-risk students in the school and the community.  The alternative education program includes working with children and youth of all grade levels-elementary, middle, and high school, because at risk students are found at all levels.

Students who are licensed teachers, agency professionals, community professionals, corrections and juvenile justice professionals may enroll in the alternative education program and coursework.  Since this is an add-on teaching license, DPI licensed teachers must have a current, valid Tier II teaching license as a minimum to enroll.  Agency, community, corrections, juvenile justice, and other professionals must have at least a bachelor's degree to enroll.

Alternative Education

WI DPI Add-On License #1952, EAA-Early Adolescence/Adolescence, Ages 10-21

The following two courses and portfolio are all that are needed to apply for the alternative education license for teachers with a current, valid teaching license.  Courses must be taken in sequence.


EDG 5600Educating Students at Risk3
EDG 5605Alternative Education3
EDG 5610Alternative Education Portfolio0
Total Hours6