Alternative Education

This coursework will assist licensed teachers, professional educators and community advocates in identifying students who are “at-risk” in a school building for school failure. As a larger number of students are being identified as “at-risk”, it is becoming essential and more desirable that teachers have this Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction #1952 certification. A major focus of the alternative education program is to assist concerned professionals in learning ways to collaboratively build strategies within a school community to better serve “at-risk” students in the school and the community.

Curriculum for Alternative Education License

Students completing the following two courses and who are licensed as a teacher in the State of Wisconsin are eligible for a 1952 - Alternative Education License. However, the student does not need to be a licensed teacher to enroll in the courses.

EDG 632/932Educating Students at Risk (Required )3
EDG 633/933Alternative Education (Required)3
EDG 627/910Portfolio I0
Total Hours6

Licensing Information

The EDG 632 Educating Students at Risk and EDG 633 Alternative Education, as well as a portfolio, allow the student to apply for the Wisconsin DPI certification 1952.

A person holding a regular elementary education license may teach the basic skills of reading, language arts, and mathematics to secondary students for high school credit if the grade level of the curriculum taught does not exceed the grade level of the teacher’s license.

A person holding a regular license to teach may teach outside his or her area of licensing if the instruction is in collaboration with a properly licensed teacher. A properly licensed teacher shall be licensed at the grade level and in the subject area being taught and shall diagnose the pupils’ educational needs, prescribe teaching and learning procedures, and evaluate the effects of the instruction.