Natural Products Sciences Graduate Certificate

The Natural Products Sciences (NPS) Certificate program provides students with the scientific fundamentals of natural medicines, how they are discovered, and how they work. This is a streamlined version of the full MS degree (MS-NPS) that is designed for students who are looking for targeted instruction in natural products science. Students may focus their studies in two concentrations: nutraceuticals or cannabis. In the Nutraceuticals Concentration, students learn about the discovery and development of natural products that are used as a part of complementary and integrative health and medicine. Topics include classification and regulation of nutraceuticals and herbal supplements, nutrition, drug and herb safety, formulation and herbal drug delivery, product processing and good laboratory practices, and marketing and business aspects of the nutraceutical industry. In the Cannabis Concentration, students focus on the science behind the global cannabis industry. Topics include the history of cannabis cultivation and use across cultures; the chemistry and biology of the cannabis plant and its constituents; the endocannabinoid system and influence of herb formulation on patient experience; the clinical safety, efficacy, and toxicity of cannabis products in healthcare contexts; cannabis products in an interprofessional context. 

Medical Cannabis Concentration (chose this OR Nutraceuticals Concentration)

NPS 600Medical Cannabis I - History of Medical Cannabis in the World3
NPS 602Medical Cannabis II - Cannabis Science3
NPS 604Medical Cannabis III - Clinical Efficacy of Cannabis3
NPS 606Medical Cannabis IV - Cannabis in the Interprofessional Setting3
Total Hours12

Nutraceuticals Concentration (chose this OR Medical Cannabis Concentration)

NPS 620Nutraceuticals I3
NPS 622Nutraceuticals II3
NPS 624Nutraceuticals III3
NPS 626Nutraceuticals IV3
Total Hours12