Important Student Information

Emergency Contact Information: All students are encouraged to provide emergency contact information on an annual basis to the Office of Campus Safety and keep the emergency contact information current throughout their enrollment at the University. This information is recommended for students’ health and well-being

To enter or update the emergency contact information, go to the portal ( or Once logged in to the portal, click on the Student Services tab. At the top of that tab in the center column there is a large “Concordia University Safety Net” logo. “Add my Emergency Contact Information” is the middle link available.

Email Communication:  It is the student’s responsibility to regularly (daily) read his/her Concordia University (CU) provided email. All pertinent information from a University Official/Office will be sent via the Concordia provided email.  Failure to read ones email does not excuse a student from being responsible for the content provided in the communications and will not be considered as exigent circumstances in the student conduct process.

Online Communities:  Concordia University and its faculty and staff do not monitor online communities and e-communication. Further, the University does not forbid faculty, staff and students from joining and participating in online communities as individuals not acting as agents of the University. However, any behavior that violates the Code of Student Conduct which is brought to the attention of a University official will be treated as any other violation and will be referred through channels outlined in the code.

Responsible Employee Policy: Any member of the University community, guest or visitor who believes that the policy on Equal Opportunity, Nondiscrimination, Sexual Harassment, and Other Forms of Harassment has been violated should contact the Title IX Coordinator, or any Assistant Coordinator. It is also possible for employees to notify a supervisor, or for students to notify an administrative adviser or faculty member, or any member of the community may contact Campus Safety. The University website also includes more information on reporting at

All employees receiving reports of a potential violation of University policy are expected to promptly contact the Title IX Coordinator or any Assistant Coordinator within 24 hours of becoming aware of a report or incident. All initial contacts will be treated with the maximum possible privacy: specific information on any complaints received by any party will be reported to the Title IX Coordinator or Assistant Coordinator, but, subject to the University’s obligation to redress violations, every effort will be made to maintain the privacy of those initiating a report of the responding party. In all cases, the University will give consideration to the responding party with respect to how the responding party is pursued, but reserves the right to investigate and pursue a resolution when the reporting party chooses not to initiate or participate in a formal complaint.