A Pathway is a University-wide emphasis consisting of select sections of existing courses. Students must complete a minimum of 15 credits in courses assigned to a specific Pathway. Completion of Pathway requirements culminates in a transcript designation and certificate upon degree completion. Pathway options promotes better enrollment decisions and prepares students for future success in an area of interest..

The School of Pharmacy (SOP) Pathways provide optional paths for students enrolled in the Doctor of Pharmacy curriculum to build their expertise within the pharmacy profession.  The Pathways expand the breadth and depth of a pharmacy student’s education to help them become pharmacy leaders, addressing the healthcare needs of today and tomorrow.  The SOP currently offers Pathways with:

  • Pharmacy Administration
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Residency
  • Underserved  

Students can choose to apply to one or more Pathways during the spring semester of their P2 year.  Upon acceptance to the Pathway(s), students will work with a SOP Pathways faculty coordinator to select on-campus coursework, experiential rotations, and projects to fulfill the Pathways requirement.  Students who successfully complete a SOP Pathway will receive a designation on their transcript.  Questions about the SOP Pathways may be directed to Dr. Melissa Theesfeld at