Diagnostic Medical Sonography Certificate (M)

The DMS Certificate will train you in anatomy, physiology, and the art of scanning. You will have hands-on experience through the on-campus ultrasound lab as well as diverse clinical rotations encompassing all specialties. 

This certificate award option is available to qualified candidates meeting the required pre-requisites if there are cohort vacancies not taken by traditional undergraduate DMS students. Students applying for the certificate are encouraged to discuss availability of space with admissions. 


The professional and clinical programs affiliated with CUW are accredited, upon recommendation of the Joint Review Committee on education in Diagnostic Medical Sonography (JRCDMS), by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP).  

Program Learning Outcomes

  • DMS students will apply Christian ethics to patient interactions. (GLO 1)
  • DMS students will effectively provide patient care that recognizes and serves a diverse patient community. (GLO 2)
  • DMS students will record, analyze, and process diagnostic data and other pertinent observations to provide high quality information for interpreting physicians. (GLO 3)
  • DMS students will demonstrate critical thinking and judgment in the performance of sonographic and/or related diagnostic services. (GLO 4)
  • DMS students will demonstrate strong interpersonal skills with patients, supervising staff, team members and interpreting physicians to improve patient outcomes and experience. (GLO 5)
  • DMS students will integrate pertinent patient history and supporting clinical data to facilitate optimum diagnostic results to improve patient outcomes. (GLO 6)


DMS 300Foundations of Ultrasound2
DMS 301Superficial Sonography2
DMS 311Sonographic Principles and Instrumentation I2
DMS 312Sonographic Principles and Instrumentation II2
DMS 321Vascular Sonography I3
DMS 322Vascular Sonography II2
DMS 323Vascular Sonography III2
DMS 331Abdominal Sonography I4
DMS 332Abdominal Sonography II3
DMS 333Abdominal Sonography III2
DMS 341Ob & Gyn Sonography I3
DMS 342Ob & Gyn Sonography II3
DMS 351Case Reports 11
DMS 352Case Reports 21
DMS 371Clinical Practicum I3
DMS 372Clinical Practicum II2
DMS 373Clinical Practicum III4
DMS 374Clinical Practicum IV3
DMS 403Musculoskeletal Sonography2
DMS 414Sonography Principles and Instrumentation Review1
DMS 424Pediatric Sonography2
DMS 443Ob & Gyn Sonography III3
DMS 444Ob & Gyn Sonography IV3
DMS 453Case Reports 31
DMS 454Case Reports 41
DMS 460Professional Development in Sonography1
DMS 475Clinical Practicum V6
DMS 476Clinical Practicum VI2
DMS 477Clinical Practicum VII7
DMS 480Registry Review3
Total Hours76

Program Admission

Students must already hold a BS in a healthcare field with documentation of the following specified courses:

  • General Biology (B or higher)
  • Anatomy & Physiology 1 (B or higher)
  • Anatomy & Physiology 2 (B or higher)
  • General Physics (C or higher)
  • Medical Terminology (B or higher)
  • Pathophysiology (B or higher)
  • Medical Law & Ethics (B or higher)
  • Math-algebra of higher (B or higher)
  • Interpersonal communication (B or higher)

100 worked hours documented in direct patient care environment