Master of Science in Computer Science

Combining sound Computer Science concepts with real-world skills, CUW’s MS CS program will help your develop your mind and spirit for the challenges of Computer Science vocations.

Computer Science involves the creation of technology used to solve problems along with a foundational understanding of how existing technology is implemented. Today, every business and enterprise requires Computer Science in order to function productively, efficiently and competitively in the global economy. Succinctly, computer science is the engine powering the implementation and optimization of current technology.

The MS in CS will prepare the student to be a highly proficient computer scientist, able to create complex hardware and software systems, a manager of complex information technology (IT) systems, a leader of a technical team, or a successful student in a Ph.D. program in computer science or in a related field.

Building on the student’s undergraduate background in the field, the program is designed to deepen the student’s skills and knowledge in the principal areas of computer science. Problem solving, collaboration, creative design processes, close contact with professional literature, writing, presentation, and ethical practices grounded in a Christian worldview are incorporated throughout the program.

Our program is designed to meet the needs not only of current CS professionals and new graduates interested in CS, but also those who enjoy creating technology to solve problems. It will provide you with the foundational knowledge and skills to understand computer systems and their relationship to business problems.

Our MS CS program emphasizes ethical computing. How a Christian professional responds to the needs of clients, users and society in general is of paramount importance within our program. A Christian worldview is integrated within the curriculum and each course.

Note: The program may allow up to 6 transfer credits, with approval by the Program Director.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • A solid, classic foundation in graduate-level computer science
  • Excellent preparation for professional positions in software development and other technical and design oriented pursuits in computing
  • Excellent preparation for Ph.D.-level study in computer science or related fields
  • Intense, focused classroom instruction with an immersive experience


Required Technical Courses
CSC 510Vocation and Ethical Computing3
CSC 515Applied Artificial Intelligence3
CSC 520User Experience3
CSC 525Data Security and Information Assurance3
CSC 540Applied Computer Networking3
CSC 548Mobile Computer Architecture3
Total Hours18

 Select from one of the following Concentrations

Software Engineering Concentration
CSC 530Database Administration3
CSC 543Advanced Algorithms3
CSC 549Language Theory3
CSC 560Applied Restful APIs and Integrations3
Total Hours12
Information Systems Concentration
CSC 530Database Administration3
CSC 545System Analysis and Design3
CSC 550System Administration and Maintenance3
CSC 552Advanced Networking3
Total Hours12
Business Data Applications Concentration
CSC 530Database Administration3
MBA 534Mastering Analytics and Decision Making3
MBA 562Financial Analyses to Drive Business Growth3
MBA 569Management Science and Analytics3
Total Hours12