Master of Science in Leadership

Batterman School of Business and Haab School of Business Mission

The Batterman and Haab Schools of Business embolden a global network of transformational and collaborative Christian leaders, dedicated faculty, entrepreneurial students, and active alumni who come together to create maximum social impact through ethical practice, innovation and service.

Program Mission Statement

The Master of Science in Leadership (MSL) program is naturally interdisciplinary, preparing students for leadership roles in all areas of administration by blending Christian leadership and ethics with organizational theory and practice. The program mission is to develop transformative leaders who positively impact the world as creative, generous, and capable professionals, while enhancing and empowering others and organizations in our communities. Courses focus on sought-after power skills, which are strategic, self-developmental, interpersonal, and inquiry-oriented. You will gain an understanding of yourself as a leader and have the opportunity to develop industry aligned competencies to effectively lead teams and organizations. MSL prepares a wide variety of professionals with skills needed to guide organizational projects with methods based on proven scientific study. MSL graduates leave the program displaying Christian leadership values that empower today’s minds to transform tomorrow’s world.

Program Overview

CUWAA’s MSL degree is an online program that requires 30 semester hours of credit comprising 10 courses. This program is designed to enhance leadership and management potential by providing students opportunity to develop the necessary tools to understand themselves as leaders, integrate data skills with interpersonal power, and learn how to successfully unleash the expertise of team members to drive organizational growth and success. Students are able to select one elective to round out their program of study and to develop an innovative inquiry project for their capstone. Qualified students have the opportunity to share select courses in the MSL for a dual MSL-MBA degree or for transfer of select courses to a future Doctor of Business Administration degree at Concordia University Wisconsin and Ann Arbor.

The MSL program is designed to help a wide array of students achieve their career goals in many different settings, including business, government, religion, military, non-profit, and education. This interdisciplinary nature broadens the learning community with applications of leadership principles to a variety of practice settings. It also supports organizational change processes to make the most of digital transformation and a new era of work. The courses focus on leadership at different levels, including business strategy, leadership and management, leading change, analytics, managing human capital, and organizational performance. As a student, you will have the opportunity to grow professionally in the program with a new understanding of how leading, inspiring change, and building commitment creates positive momentum in organizations and sustains quality of life in local and global communities.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Apply ethics to leadership through a Christian perspective.
  • Lead collaborative and innovative communities in virtual, global, and culturally diverse environments. 
  • Apply leadership theory and practical techniques to personal and professional arenas.
  • Improve leader capacity for developing people and organizations during digital transformation using creative and critical thinking skills.
  • Demonstrate evidence-based decision-making and conflict resolution. 
  • Use effective oral and written communication in professional and research contexts.
  • Interpret qualitative and quantitative leadership studies through the academic research process.

 Master of Science in Leadership Curriculum

MSL 505Theories, Strategy, and Visioning for Leaders3
MSL 510Self-Leadership3
MSL 520The Relational Leader3
MSL 550Leadership Competencies3
MBA 544People-Focused Management3
EDG 9180Organizational Learning, Performance, and Change3
DBA 9110Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics3
EDG 9030Servant and Ethical Leadership3
MSL Electives: Choose 3 credits3
Project Management
MBA Internship / Intraship
Service Learning
Healthcare Transformation & Leadership
Healthcare Strategy & Operations Management
Diversity, Belonging, and Culturally Responsive Leadership
Scenario Planning
MSL 599MSL Graduate Research Project3
Total Hours30