Interprofessional Education Graduate Certificate

Interprofessional Education (IPE) is essential for students preparing for careers in the health and social care fields as well as healthcare administration. The goal of IPE @ CUW is for students to develop competencies and skills to work in a collaborative, team-based environments that are diverse and person-centered. The IPE Graduate Certificate reinforces IPEC (interprofessional education collaborative) competencies for graduate students enrolled in health and social care professions at CUW.


CERTIFICATE REQUIREMENTS INCLUDE 3 PARTS (listed below) plus Capstone Course for a minimum of 15 credits:15
ATTENDANCE & PARTICIPATION in IPE competency events & training (8 hours required)
1st year fall IPE event
1st year spring IPE event
2nd year fall IPE event
2nd year spring IPE event
TeamStepps, Session 1 (2 hrs)
TeamStepps, Session 2 (2 hrs)
Other / Director of IPE approved
COURSEWORK COMPLETED - 11 credits minimum from the following list:
Health Promotion (2 credits)
Intro to Professional Practice (2 credits)
Management of Pediatric Disorders (4 credits)
Concepts of Occupation (3 credits)
Facilitated Community Clinic (3 credits)
Personal Advocacy & Leadership (1 credit)
Community Clinic: Leading the OT Process (3 credits)
Professional Advocacy&Ldrshp (2 credits)
Physician Assistant Seminar I (1 credit)
Physician Assistant Seminar II (2 credits)
Physician Assistant Seminar III (2 credits)
Pathophysiology and Pharmacology I (5 credits)
Pathophysiology and Pharmacology II (5 credits)
Public Health and Epidemiology (2 credits)
Pediatrics (3 credits)
Surgical Medicine (3 credits)
PHAS 610 - 660 4 credits - Clinicals (any)
Social and Behavioral Pharmacy (2 credits)
Veterinary Pharmacy Practice (2 credits)
Applied Improvisation for Health Profession Students (1 credit)
Managed Care Pharmacy Seminar (1 credit)
Quality and Performance Management in Healthcare (3 credits)
Pharmacy and the Underserved (2 credits)
Big Pharma: Markets & Culture (2 credits)
The Diabetes Experience (1 credit)
Geriatric Pharmacy (2 credits)
Applied Patient Care VI (2 credits)
Medical Spanish for Pharmacist (2 credits)
Women’s Health Issues in Pharmacy Practice (2 credits)
Longitudinal Pharmacy Practice Experience and Project Management (IPPE-5) (4 credits)
Healthcare Policy & Issues in Advanced Nursing (3 credits)
Global Perspectives/Primary Care (3 credits)
Additional Graduate Level Nursing courses, as approved by advisor
Economics and Public Policy of Health Care (3 credits)
Special Topics in Health Care (3 credits)
Additional MBA courses, as approved by advisor
Dual Disorders (3 credits)
Drugs, Society and Human Behavior (3 credits)
Understanding Death & Dying (3 credits)
Aging and the Social Environment (3 credits)
Special Topics (3 credits - IPE Related Topic)
Administration, Organization & Supervision (3 credits)
Advanced Practice: Diverse and Vulnerable Populations (3 credits)
SW Ethics & Christianity (3 credits)
Administration and Organization of Athletic Training (3 credits)
Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, and General Medicine (4 credits)
Psychosocial Aspects of Athletic Training (3 credits)
Clinical Issues in Bioethics (3 credits)
Bioethics and the Law (3 credits)
Assessment & Management of Multicultural Populations (3 credits)
Professional Issues and Counseling (3 credits)
Clinical Practicum (1 credit)
Special Topics: (2 credits - IPE related topic)
Special Topics (1 credit)
Other / advisor approved courses
OPTION 1 - REQUIRED LONGITUDINAL EXPERIENCE - Choose one of the following:
IPC Designated Clinical Experience / Advisor Approval
Interprofessional Medical Mission / Global Health Trip - Clinically focused
Collaborative / Interprofessional Research / Laboratory Work Experience
Other Longitudinal IPC Experience / Advisor Approved
OPTION 2 - REQUIRED CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES - 10+ hours from the following are required:
AHEC Case Competition (fall/winter)
NE/MKE AHEC Student Pathways (e.g., AHEC scholars, IPE Winter sessions, etc.)
Veteran’s Stand Down: Intake + Patient Education (fall/spring)
MKE Global Health Scholars Cert. completion (M. Oldani contact
Mind-Body Spirit Health and Wellness Fair (spring)
Milwaukee County Drug Court Nontraditional IPE Observations (fall/spring)
Milwaukee County Mental Health Court Nontraditional IPE Observations (fall/spring)
Medication Take Back hosted by pharmacy student orgs (spring)
OCON Student IPE Session participation (refugee/new arrival health and social care)
Student Org outreach/service/volunteering IPEC focused (approved by Office of IPE
IPE Event Student Facilitator (Approved through Office of IPE/Individual Program)
Attendance at IPE-centric Conference (e.g., OCON, PSW, WNA, etc.)
Short Medical Mission Trip (e.g., 1 week - culturally/humanitarian/IPE focused)
Academic (Pharmaceutical) Detailing Team thru Office of IPE @ CUW
Interprofessional Health Education Team Service project (e.g., St. Bens Meal program)
Office of IPE Research, In-Home Visit programs, etc.
Other/IPE Director Approved (describe)
Special Topics (Capstone Course - 1 credit)