Ethics Minor (A)

With an emphasis on dialogue between Christian thought and secular philosophies, the Ethics minor explicitly upholds Concordia's mission by “helping students develop in mind, body, and spirit for service to Christ in the Church and the World.” Specifically, the Ethics minor examines questions about right and wrong, virtue and vice, what it means to live a good life and be a good and wise person, and how Christians can properly love God and neighbor in this morally complex world—thereby promoting intellectual and character development, self-knowledge for the student’s personal growth and well-being, and providing insights for thoroughly Christian action in the world.


Required Courses
PHIL 211Elementary Logic3
PHIL 221Human Dignity3
PHIL 250Moral Philosophy3
PHIL 350Bioethical Dilemmas in Contemporary Society3
REL 376Christian Ethics3
Minor Electives 1
Select three credits from the following:3
Business Policy and Ethics
Computational Dilemmas
Healthcare Ethics
Ethics in Justice and Public Service
Research Ethics
Faith and Culture
Legal & Ethical Issues of Sport
Senior Integrative Seminar
Total Hours18

To satisfy this elective, students shall choose or petition a course not listed in the Minor’s Required Classes that demonstrates substantive ethical content to be evaluated by the overseer of the minor.