ESL: English as a Second Language Minor (M)

This minor may be taken with an Elementary Education (Grades 4K-9), Secondary Education (Grades 4-12), or 4K-12 Education major.  Students with a Secondary Education Major (Grades 4-12) or with a 4K-12 Education Major (Early Childhood through Adolescence) may take this minor in addition to a subject area major.  The developmental range of the license awarded depends upon the developmental range of the candidate’s licensable major.


Required Courses
Study of a Modern Foreign Language 16-12
ED 2001Cross Cultural Communication for Teachers of Language Learners3
ED 2002Accommodating Differences in Literacy Learners3
ED 2003Basic English Linguistics for Teachers of Language Learners3
ED 3001ELL Literacy: Reading, Writing, and Grammar Strategies3
ED 3002Methods of Teaching English as a Second Language3
ED 3003Observation, Analysis, and Practicum in ESL Classrooms3
Total Hours24-30

With a minimum of 6 residence credits (Note: up to 6 retroactive credits may be earned in foreign language).


Course Requires Upper Division Status.