Spanish Minor (M)

You will be able to communicate with native speakers globally and, with the rise of bilingualism, within your own community. You will be expected to use applied linguistics to solve language-related issues that present themselves in classroom scenarios. You will be able to approach Spanish grammar, literature and writing with confidence. With volunteer work and internships, and opportunities to travel within the U.S. or abroad, you will immerse yourself in Spanish experiences to better understand the culture and context within your field.  Within the Spanish Minor or concentration, you will learn to master the tools of clear and meaningful communication with intensive conversation, literature and composition study. The Spanish Minor includes 18 credits and the concentration includes 12 credits.

Curriculum- Minor

Required Courses
SPAN 201Intermediate Spanish I3
SPAN 202Intermediate Spanish II3
SPAN 301Spanish Conversation and Composition3
SPAN 307Linguistics3
SPAN 331Advanced Spanish Grammar3
SPAN 305Spanish Immersion Experience0
ED 4310Curriculum and Methods of Teaching Foreign Language 13
Total Hours18

Course requires upper division status

 Note: Students who do not receive retroactive Spanish credit must also complete SPAN 101 Beginning Spanish I and SPAN 102 Beginning Spanish II.

Curriculum- Concentration

SPAN 301Spanish Conversation and Composition3
SPAN 331Advanced Spanish Grammar3
Choose 1 Literature Course3
Master Literary Works of Spain
Master Literary Works of Latin America
Span&SpanAm Lit (up to 1800)
Span&SpanAm Lit II(after 1800)
Choose 1 Culture Course3
Span&SpanAmCiv&Cul I (up 1800)
Span&SpanAmCiv&Cul (after 1800
Hispanics in the United States
Total Hours12