Communication and Leadership (EC)

The Communication and Leadership program emphasizes a Christian approach to leadership in today's complex and diverse world.  Graduates of this program will carry out Concordia's mission in a variety of institutional settings, providing ethical leadership in organizations both large and small.  The program is embedded in Concordia's liberal arts traditions, emphasizing problem-solving, critical thinking, written and oral communication skills, and the integration of faith and learning.  It addresses all of Concordia's Global Learning Outcomes.  The program is designed to reach post-traditional students with a delivery method that is flexible and convenient - ensuring access and opportunity - while also enhancing our strategic vision of bringing a Concordia education to the post-traditional population.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • Apply concepts of Christian faith to contemporary issues (GLO #1 Christian Faith)
  • Exercise ethical leadership while working collaboratively with diverse individuals and groups (GLO #2 Service and Global Citizenship)
  • Integrate interdisciplinary knowledge to confront real-world problems (GLO #3 Integrated Disciplinary Knowledge) 
  • Think creatively and critically (GLO #4 Critical Thinking & Creative Problem-Solving)
  • Communicate effectively and professionally, both orally and in writing (GLO #5 Communicative Fluency)
  • Evaluate, analyze and present data (GLO #6 Analytical Fluency)


Required Courses33
Core 45
Total Hours120
LA 115Student Success Strategies3
COMM 112Speech Communication3
ENG 250Academic Writing and Research3
PSY 271Social Psychology in Workplace3
MATH 315Communicating Data3
BCOM 300Group Dynamics3
HIST 394Contemporary Studies3
MGMT 345Diversity, Inclusion, and Human Relations3
ENG 410Professional Writing Seminar3
COMM 333Servant Leadership3
MCST 446Multicultural Leadership3