K-12 Music Education Major (A)

As a K-12 Education student, your studies will prepare you to become certified by the State of Michigan to teach grades K-12 in music. Upon completion, you will also be eligible to apply for a secondary education certificate in additional majors or minors of your choice.

As a graduate of the K-12 Education program, you will step into the classroom with the knowledge needed to provide teaching that inspires students to learn. You will be able to evaluate and respond to different classroom, school, and community cultures and employ best practices accordingly.

State Endorsement Code: JQ

MTTC Test Code: 099

Program Learning Outcomes

The Concordia University Ann Arbor School of Education adheres to the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification, which states that upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • Identify different components of a musical performance
  • Understand the different elements of music theory
  • Identify and explain the different periods within the history of music
  • Create and perform in a musical performance
  • Teach music to K-12 students


Curriculum & Instruction Music Methods
EDU 225Foundations of Music Education1
EDU 325Choral Methods2
EDU 326Instrumental Music Methods2
EDU 472Elementary Music Methods3
EDU 473Secondary Music Methods2
Education Sequence
EDU 100Education Seminar0
EDU 200Admit to Program Seminar0
EDU 220Foundations of Education3
EDU 214Child Development3
EDU 303Differentiating Instruction3
EDU 300Professional Semester Seminar0
EDU 348Art of Teaching4
EDU 438Content Area Reading3
Written/Aural Theory Sequence
MUS 240Music Theory I3
MUS 246Aural Theory I1
MUS 241Music Theory II3
MUS 247Aural Theory II1
MUS 242Music Theory III3
MUS 248Aural Theory III1
MUS 243Music Theory IV3
MUS 251Aural Theory IV1
MUS 445Composing and Arranging3
Technique Studies
MUS 250Beginning Conducting3
MUS 351Advanced Conducting3
MUS 204Keyboard Skills * 2
MUS 358Techniques of Teaching Percussion1
MUS 356Techniques of Teaching Brass1
MUS 357Techniques of Teaching Woodwinds1
MUS 359Techniques of Teaching Strings1
MUS 205Intro in Multi-media Product2
History, Analysis & Criticism
MUS 271Music History I3
MUS 272Music History II3
MUS 340World Music2
MUS 273Music History III3
Performance Emphasis (see notes below)18
Concert/Recital Attendance §
Symphonic Wind Ensemble
Chapel Choir
String Ensemble/Chamber Orchestra
String Ensemble/Chamber Orchestra
Women's Chorale
Applied Lessons
Total Hours88

Students with no piano experience are recommended to take 2 semesters of piano class (MUS203 and MUS206)

Voice principals must take 2 semesters of MUS216; this requirement may substitute for either MUS356, MUS357 or MUS358; MUS216 is not required for instrumental principals


Students must enroll in MUS 080 each semester they are registered as a full time student at CUAA, with the exception of internship or student teaching semesters.

Students must participate in the ensemble of their principal instrument and take 2 credits of private instruction in their principal instrument for each semester on campus.