PharmD/MBA (M)

Master of Business Administration (MBA) for PharmD/MBA Dual Degree

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) in the PharmD/MBA program is a specialized dual degree designed to prepare Doctor of Pharmacy practitioners to meet the complex challenges in a highly regulated industry. The curriculum offers managerial knowledge essential management levels within independent, retail and hospital pharmacy settings as well as product development organizations.

Program Structure 

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree requires thirty (30) semester hours of credit comprising of ten (10) courses. A thesis is not required for this degree. Students must be enrolled in Pharmacy School and complete all requirements for the MBA degree prior to or within one year of Pharmacy graduation. The capstone course, MBA 590 Strategic Management, must be taken as the final class in the program unless other arrangements are made with the MBA Program Director. Students will take an assessment before beginning the program and again during the capstone class. This assessment is not graded nor is it placed in student files. The assessment is used for the sole purpose of accreditation. 

Core: Students complete three (3) courses for a total of nine (9) credits: 

MBA 519 Ethical Leadership for Dynamic Organizations (Fulfilled by PHAR 544, 549, 474)

MBA 534 Mastering Analytics and Decision Making

MBA 544 People-Focused Management

MBA 562 Financial Analysis to Drive Business Growth

MBA 500 Managerial Economics and Econometrics (Fulfilled by PHAR 540/548)

Concentration: Students chose four (4) courses from the following concentration areas for a total of twelve (12) credits: 

MBA 555 Small Business Administration

MBA 688 New Venture Formation & Business Development

MBA 542 Six Sigma Process & Application – Certificate

MBA 620 Economics/Public Policy of Health Care

MBA 685 Special Topics in Health Care

Course Substitution

Students may request to take courses outside of the PharmD/MBA concentration including one Experiential Learning course to count towards the concentration. Contact the MBA Program Director for more information.

Experiential Learning: Students chose two (2) courses for a total of six (6) credits:

MIB 570 Study Abroad (Africa, Austria, Costa Rica, and China)

MBA 587 Industry Leaders Seminar Series

MBA 845 Internship

See MBA Program Director for additional special topics.

Capstone: Students take a three (3) credit capstone course last:

 MBA 590 Strategic Management

Admission Requirements

  • Pharmacy student from an accredited university. 
  • Completion of standard MBA application.

Other than exceptions outlined in PharmD/MBA section of the Graduate Catalog, students that seek a MBA dual degree are held to same parameters as MBA students. See Graduate Catalog and MBA Handbook for further details.  

Graduation Requirements

To be awarded an MBA degree, a student must complete all thirty (30) credit hours with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 and at least a C- in all MBA courses. Students must fill out an online Request to Graduate form while in their final class. Once the final grade has been posted in a student’s final class, the student must notify the MBA Office to begin file processing for creating a diploma. Please refer to the Graduation Information page on the Concordia website for important graduation deadlines.