Business Analytics (BUAN)

BUAN 405. Business Data Analytics Programming with Visualization. (3 Credits)

In this course, students will apply the Business Analytics framework (OSEMIn) for the Obtaining, Scrubbing, Exploring, Modeling and Interpreting data to answer business questions using relevant software and techniques. This analysis will also include using statistical inference concepts and the visualization of data to defend the interpretations and conclusions through oral presentations and/or written reports. Students will learn to apply a Christian worldview to understand the value of analytics in business and the ethical use of data.
Prerequisites: (BUS 355 or BUAN 500) or BUS 355 or BUAN 500.

BUAN 410. Analytics and the Digital Economy. (3 Credits)

In this course, students will use configurable software applications to transform data into meaningful information to answer business related questions. Results will be communicated orally and/or in writing using compelling visualizations to communicate to a non-technical audience and defend recommendations using data driven decision making. Students will learn to apply a Christian perspective and consider bias/fairness issues when applying business analytics to real-world applications in the Digital Economy.
Prerequisites: BUS 355 or 355 or (MBA 520 and 534).

BUAN 415. Data Analytics: Integrative Project. (3 Credits)

This course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive view of the leading concepts and transformative role of analytics in business from a Christian worldview. This will be accomplished through a real-world project which incorporates all of the learning objectives from the program. The final project must provide insights to the organization or institution that is being studied and success will be measured through a written and oral defense of the project conclusions and recommendations.
Prerequisites: BUAN 405 or 405.