Legal Studies (LEGL)

LEGL 150. Jurisprudence. (3 Credits)

LEGL 221. Corporate Law. (3 Credits)

This course offers an in-depth survey of the various types of business organizations: sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, and limited liability companies.

Prerequisite: None

LEGL 230. Environmental Law & Politics. (3 Credits)

This course provides an historical analysis of environmentalism and the origins of environmental law, and also analyzes environmental law, policies, and procedures in the United States.

Prerequisite: None

LEGL 320. Internat Law & Human Rights. (3 Credits)

LEGL 325. Lgl Landscape American School. (3 Credits)

LEGL 331. Administrative Law. (3 Credits)

This course examines the role of administrative agencies in both the federal and state governments, including their rulemaking, investigative, and judicial powers.

Prerequisite: None

LEGL 359. Constitutional Law. (3 Credits)

This course analyzes individual rights and responsibilities as developed by the United States Supreme Court in its interpretation of the United States Constitution. (Cross listed POLS 359)

Prerequisite: None