Liberal Arts Prep (LA)

LA 101. Discovering Vocation: Major, Career and You. (1 Credit)

LA 101/101EL is a course specifically designed to help students recognize their God-given talents, passions and interests; research relevant majors; and discover possible careers. The course will assist students to select a major that is suitable based on their identity and potential career path.

Prerequisite: None

LA 103. Career, and Calling. (3 Credits)

LA 104. HIGH ED:NON-TRAD EXPER. (3 Credits)

LA 105. Freshman Seminar. (3 Credits)

LA 105 orients the student to Christian higher education through an engaging, student-centered approach that promotes reaching for academic excellence, exploring God-given gifts, and serving God and others.

Prerequisite: None

LA 106. HIGH ED:HONORS EXPER. (3 Credits)

LA 107. Lib Arts Health Care Workers. (3 Credits)

LA 108. Academic Skill Development. (3 Credits)

LA 110. Learning Strategies. (1 Credit)

LA 115. Student Success Strategies. (3 Credits)

This course engages students in cultivating the abilities necessary for academic and professional success, including study and research skills, learning styles, use of technology, and critical thinking skills.

Prerequisite: None

LA 120. Orientation Team Service. (1 Credit)

LA 171. Student Success Strategies. (2 Credits)

LA 201. Understand Servant Leadership. (1 Credit)

LA 201 examines the basic principles of servant leadership, creating a Biblical and practical case for exercising leadership with a servant’s heart.

Prerequisite: None

LA 202. Applying Servant Leadership. (1 Credit)

LA 205. Res Life Sem: Stdnt Ldrsp Prep. (1 Credit)

LA 305. Teach Meth Classical Edu. (3 Credits)

LA 401. Found of Career & Intern Manag. (3 Credits)

LA 470. Freshman Seminar Practicum. (3 Credits)

LA 490. Practicum. (1-6 Credits)

LA 499. Classical Education Student Teaching. (1-6 Credits)