Public Service (PS)

Course Descriptions:

PS 101. Foundations of Leadership. (3 Credits)

This course explores foundational theories, principles, and concepts of leadership.

PS 210. Intro to Public Policy. (3 Credits)

This course provides an overview of the field of public policy and introduces students to the interactive relationship existing between politics and the policymaking process. This course studies how institutions such as federalism, Congress, the presidency, and elections impact the American policymaking process, including the local level. The course explores how policy “correction” and policy change occurs.

PS 220. Crisis and Emergency Management. (3 Credits)

This course develops and understanding of the philosophical and theoretical foundations of crisis and emergency management principles defining effective public management.

PS 225. Public Information and Community Relations. (3 Credits)

This course assists students in framing a practical approach to the principles of communicating before, during, and after an incident, and gain knowledge needed to respond to diverse community interests.

PS 445. Leading in an Inclusive, Diverse and Equitable Organization. (3 Credits)

This capstone course explores public service leadership in organizations in the context of internal and external environments. Students will understand the limitations and implications of leadership decisions on equitable, diverse and inclusive organizations.